Wednesday, October 16, 2013

DIY: Monograph Picture

Super easy and super cool.

This is a super easy way to add a personal touch to you home.  My last name begins with a M.  So I wanted to bring that into our dining room wall of family & vacation adventures.

Step 1: Get a frame.  Grab one that has a bulky edge.  If you have a frame with a thin edge the proportions will be off and it wont look right.

Step 2: Decide what you want to do on the background.  I didn't want to put anything in the background.  I have a shabby chic interior style so I liked the rough background.

Step 3: Flowers!!  These can come from anywhere.  I got my from the Dollar Store.  Actually, these were reflective of Dollar Store purchases from over the years.  I had been keeping a hold of much of this stuff and was stoked when I came across this idea.

Step 4:  Dry run & Glue.  Best to lay it all out and make sure all the flowers balance etc.  Then hot glue and you are done.  

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