Friday, November 29, 2013

Baby Ballers

Our babies should get to be chic as well.  Well, I have a little boy so he gets to be a little baller!!

I try to keep my son as fabulous as I am, and often he is more!  Over this weekend, a couple things came to mind about how I am keeping him fresh.  

First, SOCKS SOCKS SOCKS!  No socks ever seem to stay on any babies feet.  Their precious feet are so chubby, it is hard to socks to stay on.  Well, I found a kind that will...crew socks.  I found a bunch of crew height socks at Target and they stay up great.  He has worn a couple of them multiple times between multiple washes and they are still staying up & on.  It is hard for him to pull them off and he sure tries believe you me.
Additionally my little man had a cold this weekend as well.  To keep his little nose in good condition, I used the flannel spit up ranges as a hanky.  These rags are awesome.  We have used them as spit up rages, hankies, and cuddle blankies.  They are great for everything!!

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