Friday, December 20, 2013

DIY: Makeup Compact

So nice to have a little bump in the day!!

It is so nice to have a little pick me up throughout the day.  There are all kinds of palettes that are available however I haven't found one that I particularly like.  They don't always seem to have what I am looking for in my pick me up.  I like to have a couple different color concealer options, a highlight and a cheek product.  I generally need something after a long day at work and that something needs to make me look less tired.  So the concealer does the obvious, it conceals.  The highlight I use in the corner of my eyes, eyebrow bone, tops of cheek bone, and sometimes center of my lid.  This helps brighten up my eyes.  Finally, to look a little healthier I like to put some color in my cheeks.  

I haven't found a palette that has all the right kinds of colors for me as well as the specific products.  So I make my own.  I made a new one this weekend and thought I would share.

I found a great and inexpensive new palette option in the E.L.F. product line.  This thing was a buck!!  Can you believe it!!  There is a nice mirror, and four color options.
The tools of the trade are simple.  Your cosmetic options, cut with a butter knife, and smashed into the compartments.
I leave the sponge time in the compact.  I haven't found a use for it, however I have not idea what I would use it for.

Let me know if you give this a try!!

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