Tuesday, May 14, 2013


We are moving!!!

Been in Oregon for two years and it is time we bought a house.  We have a couple rentals up in Washington and we are missing home ownership.  Now that we have a closing date it is time to get our stuff together!!

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So we are five weeks out from moving.  I have moved every two years since 2001 and have learned a few things.

First, start early.  It can suck to live in a house that isn't decorated or not have all of your stuff accessible but it really pays off when you get closer to the move date.  Nothing sucks more than leaving it all till the end and having to scramble to get out of your house.  Then comes the mad dash to clean everything. 

If you start packing in advance, a little bit everyday and the week before knock out the rest; you can spend the right amount of time cleaning out your old space and preparing yourself to move everything into your new spot.

Also, always remember that once moved in and unpacked you are going to have a lot of waste to deal with.  Boxes, packing peanuts or packing paper are always abundant after a move.  To limit the amount of waste that you are creating take that into account when backing.  For example, use extra sheets and towels as packing stuffing.

2013-05-11 15.09.32.jpg2013-05-11 15.09.55.jpg2013-05-11 15.10.03.jpg2013-05-11 15.10.17.jpg

This limits waste while at the same time condensing the number of boxes you will need (no need for an additional box to pack your linens in).

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