Friday, May 24, 2013

Product Review: Good Cheap Makeup

Cheap but good???

In expensive and cheap don't always go hand in hand with quality.  I know I have reviewed some of the cheap make-up brands and products before.  Here are a couple other cheap products that work well for me and my skin type and might work for you.

I will say there is usually a large difference between cheap make up brands and expensive ones as a whole.  If you don't want to think about whether a product is good or not, just go for the more reliable and more expensive brands.  That is why they are more expensive, they are reliable.  The cheaper brands can be hit or miss.  If you are into a little experimentation, try out some products and you might find a good deal.

These three products are that for me:

2013-05-16 06.51.50.jpg
NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder 720A Sunny.  I have light to medium skin and this works great.  I have hit the bottom of the tin I use it so much.  It is subtle but it does warm up my skin without looking orange.  I don't think it would work on a very fair person though.  Blends nicely and lasts all day.  NYC is an inexpensive brand and prices will vary but it is under a fiver.
E.L.F. is definitely a hit or miss brand.  Some of their stuff is just terrible, I mean terrible.  But their high definition powder is great.  It helps my foundation stay on and doesn't make me look cakey.  I have plenty of wrinkles and oily skin so that is a recipe for bad make-up.  This is very light and works like a charm.
Finally, have I said I have oily skin :)  I really like to wear make-up but since I have oil skin and larger pores I have to remove my make-up or I will break out.  I don't use the higher priced make up removing wipes.  They are pricey and aren't particularly special.  So to keep the cost down I use baby wipes.  It works great to get make-up off before I wash my face and are cheap.  I buy the Costco ones (and share with my baby) and get a good value that way.
Hope these tips work for others!!!

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