Monday, May 27, 2013

Quick Tip

I knew those days of partying would come in handy...

This is a quickie but a goodie.  When I would be out having a good time with my friends say at a BBQ we learned how to make a warm beer cold in 3 minutes.  Just set it in the ice and spin it.  It doesn't agitate the beer like it does when you shake it and it gets it cold.  By spinning the beer you are moving the liquid from the center of the can to the wall of the can where it can come in contact with the cold outside air.  This gets the can cold quickly.

Now what does this little tale have to do with parenting?  I use the same principles to get my bottles warm fast.  I heat the water in a bowl and put the bottle in the bowl and spin. 
2013-05-12 12.53.35.jpg

This is great if you have to re-heat a bottle or were caught off guard by your waking baby.  Good luck and good spinning!!

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