Friday, February 14, 2014

DIY/Tip/Product Review: Eye Shadow into Eye Linear

Eye shadow can one of the most versatile products in your make-up bag.

This one is a super simple tip.  If you have an eye shadow that is the perfect shade for a liquid linear, just make it one!!

So this came about because of two things.  First, I learned that you can do this trick from Pixiwoo (check out the tutorial:).  Then I wanted a purple eye linear.  I have been having trouble finding something that didn't cost an arm & a leg.  So, I purchased a whapping $5 Wet n' Wild palette and made my own!!  It was perfect!

Step 1:

Pick your shadow.  I wanted a nice purple/burgundy/plum.  I selected the color on the right one up from the bottom.  Super good shadows.  Wet n Wild is a whole new world than what I was a kid.  They are definitely worth another try right now.  You can grab them from any drug store and some larger super stores.

Step 2:
Use either water or a fix spray.  I used E.L.F.'s Fix & Set Spray.

This you can pick up at Target for $3.  Just spray a corner and use like a liquid eyeliner.  This is the trick though.  Just start with a corner of your shadow.  Some shadows will seal if you get them wet and you don't want to have to scrape up your shadow to be able to use it again.  It will be a hassle and huge waste of product.

Step 3:
Put it on like a liquid liner.

Why do this at all you ask?  Why not just apply the shadow like a liner?  Well check out the difference.  The color is so much darker and richer if you wet the shadow.  Plus, if you use a fix & set spray it will last all day.  Check out the difference.  I did three shades.  The ones on the left are the shadow wet with spray, the shadows on the right is just the dry shadow Oh and the lines on my arms are from leaning on the laptop :)

Yeah totally worth it!!

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