Friday, February 28, 2014

Tip: Dream Book

Bout to get all "woo woo" on ya!!

This might be a little too woo woo for some of you.  I know you know what I mean.  A little too "quartz crystals, fung sh-we, shakra" etc.  But this is something that I have done for a long time and I think it is a great thing so I want to share.

Dream Books!!!

If you have a creative artistic bone in your body, you need to keep a dream book.  I don't care what it is that you are creating, you need to keep a dream book.  Whenever you are feeling without inspiration, you can take a peak at your dream book and get right back on track.

What is a dream book you might ask?  It is simply a book with full of inspirations.  Inspirational pictures, sayings etc.  Mine is full of things that inspire me artistically.  Whether it is awesome home design, cool design on a birthday card, or an awesome fashion layout (aka the new Dolce & Gabbana campaign!!) basically anything that stirs me.  Cool color combinations, an awesome outfit and more.

How do you make one?  The simplest way and the way I do it is just bet a spiral notebook and tape or staple pictures in it.  You of course can get more indepth, however why do it if you don't want to.  The fun part for me is finding the inspiration and re-visitng the inspiration.  Cutting perfect squares, gluing, labeling all sounds terrible to me.  So you will that mine looks and mess.  But it isn't for anyone else but me!!

What is your favorite "woo woo" kind of thing?

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