Friday, March 28, 2014

Product Review: Avon Pretty in Neutrals Palette


Gotta make travel easy!!

I am traveling a lot these days for a work and am constantly looking for ways to condense my suitcase, and making packing a breeze.  This Avon palette really does that for me. 

I am the kind of person that thinks.."What if?"  "I should pack for all possibilities."  So when I pack my make-up I end of packing a lot of loose palettes so I will have what I need when my mood strikes.  This doesn't make for a nice condensed packing strategy.

My answer came at Christmas.  My lovely mom gave me the Avon Pretty in Neutrals Palette.
This is a very diverse palette of nice neutrals.  If you want a classic cat eye, winged linear, smokey eye you can get it done.  Additionally there are great brown shades as well.  The shadows will work for any skin tone, hair color, eye color you name it.
The face products on the other hand, definitely aren't for all skin tones.  The bronzer is great for a medium to medium fair skin.  If you aren't competent with make-up and have fair skin, the bronzers might be too dark.  The blushes are great neutrals that compliment any hair color and can work with fair to fair/medium tones.  The highlighters are great as well.
The only thing I haven't used is the lipsticks.  Lipsticks in these kinds of palettes never work for me.  When you are out, you wont be able to touch up your lipstick because who is going to drag around a big palette.
So now when I pack, I just throw in my concealer, mascara, and liquid eye linear.  Makes my life EASY!!

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