Saturday, April 6, 2013

Health Quest Update: Juicing!!!

Juice juice juice!  My health quest is still under way.  In total I  have lost  40 lbs.  Just another 12 to go and I will be at my weight prior to getting pregnant.  Yeah.  It isn’t happening as fast as I would like but it is rolling along and I can see progress every week.  This week I want to see if I can give my weight lost a  little bit of a boost and am doing a juice fast.  Hold the negative thinking, I am only going to do it for 3 days, and I am going to be getting nuts to make sure I am getting all the essential fatty acids  that I need for good milk production.  We purchased a Cuisinart Juicer from Best Buy and so far have been extremely happy with it.  We messed around with it last night and today.  After I use it a bit longer I will do a review.

Well I took off a pound in 3 days.  I did need to supplement my diet with nuts, however I felt great.  All those vegetables boosted my energy through the roof.  I would recommend it to anyone and will continue juicing myself!
The Cuisinart is working great.  I do think it isn't going to last a year with regular juicing.  I don't think that it was built for daily juicing over a long period of time.  I think this because even now, every now and again it struggles with some of the vegetables.  However, for the price and the performance we are getting out of it right now, I couldn't be happier!

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