Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pack-n-Play Review

Handy tools for traveling!!

As I had said before, we took our first family adventure this past weekend.  One tool we couldn’t live without is our Pack & Play:

This is our exact version.  The Pack-n-Play breaks down into a handy duffle bag size.  It easily compresses and the internal parts act as the carrying case.  You can carry it with one hand.  It disassembles and assembles quickly.  It cleans up easily, the sides wipe down and you can put a sheet over the bassinet part.  Finally, there is a diaper changing station.  I don’t like using that though.  Remy doesn’t fit comfortably in that portion.  I prefer just to change Remy on a bed or on the floor.  The sleeping portion is awesome though!

This was exceptionally handy for us because Remy slept well and comfortably.  I would recommend the Pack-nPlay to all new moms.

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