Thursday, April 11, 2013

Health Quest Update

Healthy living update.

So I have been keeping up the discipline on eating...whahoo.  Well I did go a little off the ranch with candy over Easter, but all in all I am doing good.  I have a vegetable juice for breakfast and a snack throughout the day.  This really does great things for my energy.

I haven’t found a really great way to incorporate exercise now that I am back at work.  I am not getting 3 runs in a week.  When I am off work, all I want to do is spend time with my son.  Then when he is asleep, it is 8pm or later and I don’t want to go for a run.  So I have started just doing push-ups and situps and the strength training routine.  I have to do something, but right now I can’t figure out how to get carido in.  I could do it in the morning, however Remy is not sleeping all the way through the night so I need every last minute in the morning that I can get.

However I am still making progress.  Slow progress, but progress nonetheless.  Since the middle of February I have lost 7lbs, three inches off of my waist and 1 inch off of my thighs.  A little bit more exercise and activity and I think I can speed up the pounds per week.  (Can you tell I have no patience!!!)

Anyone out there have their own tricks of the trade when it comes to losing weight while breastfeeding a four month old?

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