Saturday, July 20, 2013


Finally a reward system that I can use!!! least the news letter.

I have found a really great value that I wanted to share.  Normally I don't like reward systems.  They never actually seem to have a benefit.  There are all these "price clubs" for certain stores and there doesn't seem to be value.

However, I have round a value with the "R"-Us stores.  We signed up for their rewards card after purchasing a couple things for Remy.  I then started to get their newsletters.  I never really opened them until I saw one that said 2 for 1 Matchbook cars.  I thought what a deal and opened it.  WOW, there really are deals.  I got a great ride on toy for Remy for Christmas for $15 instead of $50.  Good deals, you just have to be able to act fast because they are one day only kind of deals.  Hope this helps some mommies stock up for Christmas and birthdays!!


Oh and ps. I have been informed that none of my pictures have been coming through.  Hopefully, I have fixed the problem!

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