Tuesday, July 9, 2013

DIY: Dresser/TV Stand Makeover

$250 for the price of $0!!!

My hubby picked up a disgusting old dresser.  We really didn't have any idea of what to do with it and it just stored garden tools outside.  When we moved into our new home we needed a new TV stand and I called upon the dresser.

Before, very dirty and stinky.  But after, shabby but chic.  It is always a great idea to pull from old before buying new.  It leads to less waste in the landfills and is a more responsible decision.  Plus, you can actually get something nice and unique without breaking the bank.

Here are the steps that I took for this project:
2013-07-04 11.12.52.jpg

1.) Pulled apart the drawers and remove the top.  Sand down all pieces.
2013-07-04 12.08.34.jpg2013-07-04 12.08.37.jpg

2.) Wipe clean.
2013-07-04 12.52.16.jpg2013-07-04 12.52.21.jpg2013-07-04 12.52.31.jpg

3.) White wash everything.  In order to do this either wet your brush and apply.  Or water down your paint.  either way, whenever I an doing a weathered wore look I like to have thin paint.  If you have old painted furniture you can see where the paint has naturally worn away.  In order to faux this, I like to white wash.

4.) Optional step.  You can decide to add colors at this stage and/or scrape more.  Sometimes I like to use a scraper, and rough up all the corners.  Then I would add wood stain.  This darkens the corners and aids in the weathered look.  This specific product I want to keep light and it already has a couple colors so I want to keep it simple.

2013-07-04 14.43.52.jpg
5.) Handles.  If your pulls are nice, terrific use those.  However my pulls in this case where rusted and dingy.  I always like to keep silver paint around.  You can use it in so many different ways.  If you like bronze, or gold etc. etc. then keep that around.  I like silver metal accents so I keep that around.  Make sure to spray your item lightly.  You really don't want drips in your handles.

6.) Top.  Now with the dresser that I used I didn't like the top.  It was water damaged and I think it smelled.  I had some scrap Corian (a countertop material) around so I used that.  However it would be easy to get either some reclaimed wood and/or new plywood and either paint or stain.

Now with my itty bitty TV on top it looks great.  I am so happy that I didn't have to spend $250!!!  Yeah :)

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