Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Money Saving Tip/DIY: Lotion

We want to feel and look nice at work too right?

I have been in need of a new tub of lotion at work for some time.  Rather than go and buy some nice lotion, I used a trick I learn from my mom and expanded upon it.  

Long ago, she would cut the top off of her Bath & Body Works cream so she could enjoy every last drop.  I thought that was clever and practical.  However, it does lead to a problem, the lotion drys out and usually there isn't much left anyway.  

Thinking like a frugalista, I pulled together a bunch of my old lotions.  The ones that only have a little bit left (the trick is not to pick a bunch of conflicting smells).  I took them all, pooled them together and got something great for work.

1.) Get all your lotions together and get a container that you can easily get the last drop out of.  I am using my Burt Bees Belly Cream from when I was pregnant.  Plus my favorite Aveeno and a great smelly lotion from Baht & Body.

2.) I needed to cut the top off of the Aveeno bottle.  Use a bread knife.  It works just like a saw and will cut right through the plastic.  The Bath & Body lotion was smooth enough to just pour out.

3.) Just dump into your container and enjoy!!  Easy breezy.

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