Friday, August 30, 2013

Product Review: NYC Sparkle Eye Dust


I recently tried NYC's new eye product, their Sparkle Eye Dust.  WOW

It is definitely a a great product.  It has an exceptionally rich color and totally totally a metallic shine.  I don't think it quite describes it enough to say that it has a shimmer.  It is very metallic.  What is also so awesome, is when many of these kinds of shimmer products they crease on my eye lids.  I have oily lids and even with a primer, at the end of the day I look a little rough.  However, this product, didn't crease.  It is a great value on top at only a couple bucks per tube.  I have tried the Smokey Topaz and the Pink Topaz.  I am going to also pick up the Golden Champagne.

Word of the wish however, this will get everywhere!!!  I recommend not putting on your concealer until  you have put this one and blended it in.  The fall out is crazy.  If you try one of the bolder colors, because it sticks to the skin so well, I would probably wait on foundation until my eyes were done.

However, all is all it is a great product at a great value!!

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