Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Product Review: Target Diapers

Tried something new...$.12 per diaper!!!

Well we were super low on diapers and I was at Target.  I have been so happy with the Costco brand diapers I didn't want to try something else.  However Costcos aren't around every corner so I felt I had to try something new.  Rather than pay something ridiculous like $.20 per diaper I decided to try Target brand which worked out to be $.12 per diaper and WOW we are so happy.  Now, if you baby has sensitive skin I don't know if you will like these.  I have a friend whose baby broke out from the diapers.  But, Remy doesn't have ultra sensitive skin so these work out great.  What is nice is they don't leak, fit nicely, and are nice on his skin (non-sensitive skin).  What this allows us to do is splurge somewhere else like on his formula which is more important for his little growing body.

Give it a shot!!

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