Sunday, March 31, 2013

Baby's First Adventure

Wow...our first adventure!

Boy oh boy were we stressed.  This past weekend, the whole fam (dog included) took an adventure up to our friends house in Washington.  We were so stressed.  “what would we forget, not bring enough of, would Remy sleep, etc etc etc.

Well Remy did the best, as my mom predicted.  As I have said in past blogs, bring way more than you think you will need.  We stayed for two nights.  I brought plenty of outfits, however I didn’t bring enough spit rags and swaddles.  

A great thing I learned and will remember for the future, is when you are traveling, your daily routines and goings on will get amplified.  You might not noticed that you usually use a couple different swaddling blankets over the course of a couple days.  But when traveling, that habit is amplified if you only bring one.  I just sat and watched it get dirtier and dirtier.  Additionally, I brought one spit rag for each day.  However I forgot that we usually rotated a couple spit rags throughout the day.  So poor Remy wasn’t getting as clean as he could have been.

None the less....we packed a TON of stuff!!!  And Remy was well taken care of.  However we did forgot many things for ourselves.  My final recommendation is to remember that you are important too.  Take the time to make sure you have what you need to be comfortable.  If you don’t and aren’t, you are going to be your best for your baby.

Final lesson can take two phones and make a baby monitor.  If you just keep an ongoing call you can listen to what is going on.  The phone you keep with you, put on speaker phone and mute.  That way the sound doesn’t travel to the baby and you can hear if they stir.

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