Friday, January 10, 2014

DIY: Winter Face Scrub

Re-hashing and oldie but a goodie!!

I have blogged about homemade sugar scrubs before but this is a little different.  It have been extremely dry here in Portland and my skin has been terrible.  I have had lots of break outs and extremely dry patches.  My normal routine just isn't cutting it in this weather.  So to get all the dead skin away and throw a ton of moisture on my skin I used by body sugar scrub for my face.

Here is the twist & how too: 

You will need sugar and extra virgin olive oil.  I know it seems crazy to put oil on your face.  But olive oil is anti-bacterial and healing so it will treat your face right.  Well it sure did for mine.

So you just mix these two ingredients together until it gets to be a consistency that you can rub onto your face and away you go.  I do this in the shower in the morning and then use my Noxema face wash afterwards.  You might not have to wash it off if you aren't going to put makeup on.  But if you were makeup, this on your skin will just melt you makeup away.

Then BOOM wonderfully moisturized skin and is clear. 

I tested this a couple weeks on and a couple weeks off to see if this was the reason my skin cleared up so nicely and it definitely was the reason.  My skin looks so smooth and clear when I use this. 

Since the sugar is so abrasive I use it two days in a row (usually Monday and Tuesday).  My skin looks great until the weekend!!

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