Sunday, January 5, 2014

Product Review: 2013 Most Used Products

Gotta be fair!!!

So yesterday I did a 2013 worst products purchased and I never thought of doing a best products since I blog about the products that I like throughout the year.  But them I got to thinking, those products that I blog about aren't always my everyday products.  There are just a handful of things that I use absolutely everyday I wear makeup.  They are the fun, colorful, sexy products that we think about when we look on a YouTube or on Google.  But they are the good old reliables.

So this is what I used without fail throughout 2013:

These are the things that live on my vanity and rightfully so:

Costco Baby Wipes:

I think I have blogged about these before but I take off my make-up at night with these as well as do a light cleaning on my brushes as I use them every morning.  This is vital for clean brushes and clean skin.

Revlon Color Stay Quads:

I actually don't use this for my eyeshadow so much.  It is awfully grey and I already have super cool skin and need some warming up.  However, I use the heck out of this for my eyebrows.  My hair is deep dark ashy brown and it is so hard to find an ashy brown eyebrow palette.  It is also crazy hard to find one that is dark enough.  My hair is next to black and if I use something super warm and light, it just looks funny.  This is perfect.  I use the dark color (bottom left) of the back of my browns for definition and the lighter color (top right)from the front of my brows for definition without looking drawn on.  It is a bummer that I don't really have a use for the other two colors.  The base color is fine, I just don't use it often.  The warm brown isn't a color that I wear, but the palette is totally worth it!

Elf High Definition Powder:

I am about to hit the bottom of the tin on this one.  It is a great finishing powder.  It is super fine and has no flashback in pictures.  Be aware, you can put too much on easily and start to look ashy, but other than that it is steller!

L'Oreal Double Extend Tubes:

Now I know I have never blogged about this one and I use it everytime I put on mascara.  I don't use this for my upper lashes really.  I don't feel like I get the length that I want.  I do however use it for my bottom lashes.  A bit overkill maybe, but putting mascara on your lower lashes really helps to open small eyes.  However, my under eyes get oily throughout the day so I need something that is waterproof.  Actual waterproof mascara totally sucks.  It don't act any different that regular mascara on my bottom lashes.  However, tubing mascara is crazy good for this and I love it.  No transfer at all!!!  Oh and I don't use the primer, I just use the color straight from the wand.

Revlon Color Stay Concealer:

Stellar concealer.  I have two shades for different areas of my face.  I have a lighter shade to cover any blemishes that I might have or any redness I want to conceal.  Then I have a darker shade for my under eye.  This concealer is a liquid concealer and it works great if applied with your fingers or with a brush.  It sets so if you have dry skin no need to powder.  I have oily skin so I do still like to powder it even though it sets.  If I do that, it covers all day no touch ups!

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