Friday, January 3, 2014

Worst Products 2013


There is nothing clever about this post.  These are some products & brands that I have tried over the past year and these products are less than impressive.  You will see the theme, all inexpensive brands.  I am always tempted by cheap brands.  There are those jems like Wet n' Wild and the hit and miss brands like NYC and E.L.F.  

The couple of products below are just the stand out failures that I thought I would share:

So from one of my new favorite brands, Wet n Wild, I have the Mega Liner Liquid Liner.  I was totally disappointed with the color pay off and how "liquidy" it was.  You want your liquid liner to be a liquid, but this felt runny to me.  Also, I have to use multiple layers to actually make the color opaque.  It would be better to wet one of their shadows to make a great liner.  I got it in the color 864 Plum.

Second up from Wet n Wild really isn't a critique on the quality of the product, but more of a critique on the color representations.  I have two examples.  Their Creme' Lip Liner and their Perfect Pair Lip Wand.  I have used the Creme' Liner a quite a bit and it is a great product, but I have the color Berry Red 717 and it really isn't a berry color.  It is far more of a brick red. This line has been re-branded as the Color Icon Liner.  While the color names are different, they look exactly the same so I would base my color selection off of the actual pencil color and I would only purchase in person, not online. 

The Perfect Pair Wand is a newer product to me.  Seams like a nice product, but I got the color 123 Passion Plum but it doesn't look anything like the color representation on the cap.  Still seems to be a color that I can use.  I will get back to you on that.

Next brand is Covergirl.  This brand has been coming out with better products than my childhood and it still is an affordable brand but this is a huge failure.  I actually didn't buy this product, my mom gave it to me.  How nice you might think, NOPE.  The product didn't work for her so she thought I could give it a try.  Didn't work for me either.  So this product was rejected on two fronts, NanaLove & SarahDoza.  The Clump Crusher definitely doesn't clump, but it is because the formula is so thin you can't build it on your lashes at all.  The wand is a rubber wand and I usually don't mind rubber wands, but since this is so thin, I feel like it stabbed my eyes more than combed my lashes.  Big miss for me.
Clump Crusher Extensions LashBlast Mascara

Now to what I would consider an all over fail and/or a brand that is really for that 12 year old who is first buying make-up: City Color.  The products that I have used are already off of the website.  It seems to me that it is a super trendy brand.  They have very compelling packaging which is awesome but there seems to be more effort in getting an impulse buy that creating a life long client.

Maybeelline The Falsies Volume Express Flared.  No flare, need I say more.

I will wrap up with a newer brand to me: Jesse's Girl.  This seems to be a brand targeted towards young girls, but I have tried a couple of their things.  The Liquid Glass lip gloss in Mellow Drama didn't work for me.  It was the first time that I had a lip gloss bleed out of my lip line.  I even had lip liner on.

Mellow Drama

But since this is the first time that I have talked about this brand, I thought I would throw in a couple things that I like about them: Glow Stick Lip Gloss in Red Dawn & Pure Pigment Eye Dust in Sparkling Gold

Red DawnSparkle Gold

The lip gloss is nice.  Not too sticky and makes my natural rosy lip color a bit more cool toned.  The gold "pigment" is not like a pigment at all.  But it is an awesome gold glitter!!

Now this is my take on all these brands & products.  Some of it might work for you but if you are on the fence with any of these, I would pass on the purchase.

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