Friday, January 24, 2014

Tip: Being Wonderwoman

Ever wonder "How does she do it?"

Don't we all know those people who just seem to always be on top of things?  They just always seem to have 100 balls in the air and never seem to drop them?

They are the ones that always send gifts out on time, or write notes to friends.  I strive to be the person and I have a ways to go, but this is what helps.  GET A NOTEBOOK!!

The best thing I can recommend to anyone trying to keep a million things going is to write any and everything down.  This takes off a lot of pressure to remember every detail. 

I think we have all had that time when we thought of something genius, but forgot about it before we got home to tell our husband or wife.  The best way to avoid missing those opportunities is to write it down.

Put together a list of things you would like to accomplish through out the week and assign them to days.  One or two task on top of your job is reasonable.  Then check them off as you achieve them.  Simple as that.  It does two things for you: 1.) keeps you on track with your To Do List 2.) gives a sense of gratification when you get to cross out a task done and completed.

One of the best things I have received from this little tip, is when I don't get a task done on a certain day, that task doesn't just disappear into the ether.  I see that I didn't complete something and I just move it to the next day or to the weekend.

This whole process can be done on a calendar online or on your phone.  However, there isn't anything as gratifying as getting to take your pen and cross off an entire list of Saturday chores with time to spare!!

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