Wednesday, February 13, 2013

DIY Pore Strips

DIY Pore Strips, Yeah!!

Nose strips are great.  However, what a racket!  They are quite expensive.  Lately I have been feeling like my skin hasn’t been it’s best.  So I did a nose peel.  So easy:

It is a pretty easy:

1tbs Gelatin & 1tbs Milk


1.) As with any facial treatment make sure you cleanse your skin first.

2.) Mix the gelatin and milk together.  It should look like biscuit batter.  I forgot to take a picture of that step because it is so easy and I just got cruising :)

3.) Microwave for 10 seconds.  This creates a liquid mix like honey

4.) Let is cool for about 10 seconds and test on the back of your hand to make sure it isn’t too hot.

5.) Apply and wait 10 minutes for it to dry.  I does look a bit like snot on  your nose but I swear it works :)

6.) Final step is peel and see how clean your skin is!  The whole process takes about 15 minutes.

Let me know if anyone has their own DIY facial peels!

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