Friday, February 8, 2013

Easy Baked Bread DIY

Easy & non-messy recipes always get me going!

I found a great recipe on the Natural Mommie’s blog:

It is super easy, requires few ingredients, and is a very clean and tidy recipe.  I hate it when there are a ton of dishes to do and when the prep time is messy.  Check out the recipe on the Natural Mommie’s blog but here are the basics: (oh and yes those are mauve countertops that look pink in pictures hahaha)

I mixed, I waited, I rolled & waited some more :), baked and enjoyed!

This is all apart of our effort to be in control of what our family is eating.  We are growing more produce, still on the lookout for a good meat market, and baking more goods at home instead of buying commercially.  It is a lot more work, but really enjoying it.  In 2008 my then boyfriend and I started cooking dinners from scratch.  I found that when we made tasted much better than what we bought commercially.  We started to just buy tomato sauce and use that as a base for almost all dishes we cook.  We then moved on to treats, and now onto breads!!

If you give the bread a go let me know!

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