Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bumbo Magic

Fun parenting tools!!

So I have learned there are all kinds of new & re-designed toys and tools these days.  I didn’t know that this existed, but I received a Bumbo at my baby shower.  Wow are they fun and functional!!

My son doesn’t love tummy time terribly.  I think he finds it boring.  However he does love to sit in his Bumbo and look around.  This is another great way for him to work on his neck muscles in a way that he enjoys.  I tried to get a cute picture of him in it, but he moves to much and talks so much I was able too :)  Funny faces are fun though :)  I decided to add in just a plain cute pic of Remy cause he loves laughing and talking now.  Too sweet.

Also, it is so easy to clean.  The material is similar to wrestling matte material.  So it just wipes clean.

Throwing Remy into the Bumbo also makes it easy to give him his vitamins!  He is sitting up which makes it easier for him to swallow.  Plus, it makes it easier for him to be moved :)  hahaha we don’t usually move him like this.  Dad’s just having some fun!

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