Saturday, February 16, 2013

Skin Care Favorites

Skin Care Review

This week I did a post on Nose Peels.  I got to thinking that a lot of the skin care products that I use I have been using for years.  Thought it might be nice to share what has been working for me for so long.  I look for the most bang for my buck!

I have use St Yves Apricot scrub since I was 13.  This is been the most consistent item in my routine.  It is inexpensive and works great.  I have tried cheaper knock off items.  Their grain size tends to be huge and doesn’t finely exfoliate.  More like scratches.  St Yves is a great balance between exfoliating and scratching the hell out of your skin!
I also really love Dessert Essence Facial wash.  It is roughly $.42 and ounce compared to other cleansers which are about $1 and ounce.  You can buy it in bulk sizes and just pour it into a smaller pump which is what I do.  It is a very gentle soap and doesn’t leave my face feeling dry like other cleansers.  It also gets my eye makeup off really well.  For perspective I usually wear gel eyeliner, eyeshadow and a load of mascara.

I also have used Oxy 10 cleansing pads since I was kid.  These aren’t for everyone.  They are strong.  When I have a sunburn in the summer or wind burn in the winter I switch up for witch hazel because it is more gentle.  But on my average days I use these pads.  They get anything that my cleanser might have missed or I might have missed scrubbing and keep my skin very clear.

Finally, I have used Aveeno Positively Radiant for years.  It isn’t cheap, but I have tried all the inexpensive lotions and since I have oily skin I have found all the others make be breakout.  This does a great job of providing moisture but at the same time not clogging pores and not being oily.  Also the SPF is really what it says it is and works well.  I have found with cheaper lotions that SPF doesn’t always work the same.  Anyone else find that?

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