Thursday, February 14, 2013

Health Quest: Start Up

I found this blog today.  I think I was going to find a before picture of me in a swimsuit and forgot all about it.  So I found a picture this morning and have posted it.  I am now running a mile.  Still very hard and disappointing that that is all I can run.  However also affirming because I can now run a mile and I am one step closer to my goal.  Whahoo.  More to come down the road but here is the post:

Well today was the first day in about a year that I took a jog.  WOW.  

I have always been an athlete and I haven’t ever felt this way before.  I could really feel all the extra weight.  It was definitely a new feeling that I don’t want to get use to.  All at the same time I felt good for getting out to take a run and bad for how out of shape I am.  But as always, this will be a work in progress and I have to start somewhere.  That is what I am telling myself anyway.  I felt so out of body I came right in and started this blog.

Before and after....I look forward to getting back to the Before pic!

It is hard to look at myself and not see the person that I see in my mind’s eye.  But that is why I am starting up my health quest.  I am working to not just lose weight but to take my health and fitness up a notch.  I want to be healthy for my son.  When he looks at me I want to make sure that I am the person I want him to see.  Healthy, active and a good relationship with food.

Step #1 is to get back into shape.  I have an in home program for strength training.  I also have a program to start running again.  I will get through the four week program and report back!

Whahoo for health and fitness??!!

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