Friday, February 22, 2013

DIY Skirt


My husband and I do our best to up cycle all of our goods.  If we can’t up cycle something for our needs, we will give it away or toss it depending on if it is still useable.  Most recently, I up-cycled a long shirt into a skirt.  

A couple times a year I go through my closet and pull clothes that I don’t wear or am just plain tired of.  This week I pulled a grip of clothes and really tackled this shirt.  Whenever you are looking to up-cycle remember that you can always dye, sew buttons, cut off arms, hem, or add embellishments.

So I started with this long sleeve shirt (which I had originally purchased from Goodwill because I liked the stripes).  I didn’t end up wearing it a lot because the empire waist didn’t hit right.
Since I liked the stripe so much I didn’t want to give this one away.  I always like to take advantage of the construction that is already in any garment because I don’t have any real skill sewing anything other than a straight line so I knew I needed to take advantage of the elastic waist band.  So simple and quick up-cycle is to cut this into a skirt.
I cut above the elastic as close as I could.  You could always add more of a waist band to make it smaller or (what I am going to do) just clothes pin the side to make sure that it is snug.
This is the finished product.  What I have found with any of my re-purposing, it is all about how you style the outfit.  A striped shirt transformed into a skirt might look a bit of a mess but pairing it with a fitted top and heels brings it up a notch (I hope anyway hahaha).

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