Monday, June 3, 2013

Breast Feeding Transition

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What a sad part of parenting, but necessary...yes it really is necessary.

Well the time has come that Remy and I have started to transition out of breastfeeding.  Booo!  I know that some mothers go their first full year and breast milk is the primary food source, but that isn't something Remy and I can do.  Right now we nurse in the morning, over night, and at dinner.  But that is it.  We are also trying to work with Remy to sleep all the way through the night (I will let you know what ends up working for us on that one).  So really, we will be just breakfast and dinner.  So sad.  It is so hard to do when you are working full time.  It was really starting to affect my job.  I needed to be in and out of the office more, up at our corporate headquarters etc etc.  Having to pump every two hours just wasn't allowing me to do that and I decided that it was time.  I did some research and found a simple way to transition out of nursing/pumping in the day.  It is so simple I can explain in three words: slowly skip feedings.  To minimize my own discomfort and potential to bleed through my clothes, I started my skipping feedings.  First I skipped the mid-morning & mid afternoon pumping sessions.  I did that for a week, and then started to skip the lunch feeding.  Doing it this way allowed my body to adjust with a minimal amount of discomfort for me.  When I am ready to completely stop, I will transition in a similar way.  Little discomfort and problems on my end doing it this way.

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