Thursday, June 6, 2013

Packing /MovingTips

Quickie tips:

This is a quick one but we have moved quite a bit and haven't come up with this trick.  For some reason my husband was looking up tips on moving and found this one so I thought I would share.

To help make boxes secure, put tape around the bottom of the box.  Seems so simple, but it totally works.  Helps secure the box.  All the heavy stuff is trying to push its way out and the tape, like a belt, helps hold it all together.

Quickie tip number two, same as it always is, PRE-PLAN!!!  This has worked out for me every time I have moved: calculate the number of days or weekends left until the move and simply plot out how much you want to make each day or weekend.  Think of it like a bell curve, you can start out slow hit a peak where you pack a lot and then leave just a little of the necessities for right before you move.  Keeps you from having to have a massive crunch days before your move.

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