Sunday, June 30, 2013

Home Project #1 - Simple Storage

New Home New Projects!!

Well we are finally in our new home and finally out of our old duplex.  It is always so interesting when moving from one house to the next.  There are a ton of projects we want to do to this house.  I will share them all in my Home Project Series.  Stay tuned.

You create so many habits based on your current circumstance.  What is stored where and how is one of those things.  We need some better storage.  I need to be able to store a lot of bottles, on a bottom shelf, all the way back.  Now that is a bit of a problem as far as function is concerned so I need something that will help me keep them organized and provide function.

This is 100% free.  We had some left over boxes from our move.  I picked one of the free boxes we picked up at the liquor store.  Any liquor store will pile their empty boxes outside of their trash can.  It is cheaper for them to have you pick them up than the trash man, so go for it.

2013-06-29 20.34.27.jpg

Step 1: cut the top off of the box.  I like to always have straight razors around the house.  They are so handy, not to expensive and really get the job done.  But you can use scissors or something of the like.

2013-06-29 20.35.09.jpg

Step 2: DONE  yeah it is that easy.  You can decorate the box, decopog the outside or even paint the outside (depending on the sturdiness of the box).  I need function fast and don't want to wait for pretty so I am 100% complete and putting this crafty little tool into action. 

2013-06-29 20.44.21.jpg

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