Sunday, June 16, 2013

Product Review: Earth's Best Baby Foods

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Does it hit all requirements.....

Earth's Best food range almost hits all requirements when looking for baby food products.  Now I know that I just did a DIY on baby food.  But we like to have a little back up on baby food.

1.) Good for our babies? Absolutely.  It is certified organic and does not contain any genetically engineered ingredients.

2.) Taste good?  Yup, my son has like all their goods: cereal, formula and some of the various baby solids (like to keep a couple jars on hand incase we run out of home made stuff).

3.)Easy to digest?  You got it.  All the goods have been easy for Remy to digest.  Whahoo

4.) Cheap?  Nope it isn't the cheapest.  It isn't the most expensive, but it isn't cheap.  We have decided to invest in it though because it does work so well for Remy.

5.) Easy to find? Kinda!  You can find it at Babies-R-Us & Target.  Well not the whole range at Target, just the rice cereal.  Babies-R-Us has the whole range.

I hope this helps someone.  What do you like to feed your baby?

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