Wednesday, June 12, 2013

DIY: Home Made Baby Food

Whahoo for homemade baby food!!!

Well I was wrong again!!  When we first had Remy I wasn't excited about making my own baby food.  I thought it would take a ton of time and I would making food every day.  NOT THE CASE!!!

I have a short anecdote to explain why you should make your own baby food.  We got some baby food at a baby shower and when it was time for Remy to start eating solids we gave those a go.  He hated the green beans with a capital "H."  They were dark dark green, almost burnt looking, and tasted caulky.  I made my own green beans and he loved it.  They were a vibrant green and didn't have an overcooked tasted.  He ate them right up.  

He also loved broccoli.  What kid likes broccoli?  Well I think Remy does because we made it ourselves.  Here is how I do it.  It is the easiest thing to do and doesn't take a ton of time at all.

Step 1:
Boil the veggies.  
Well actually the first step is get quality veggies.  Start with something fresh and organic if you can.  If you can't get organic, at least get the freshest veggies you can.  It will make for the best food.
2013-06-08 21.04.32.jpg

We have to get the veggies soft enough to blend so we need to boil them.  Broccoli is easy.  Get a nice rolling boil and drop the broccoli in.  Drop in the veggies for about 5 minutes.  The amount of time in the water will depend on the food.  Broccoli only takes about 5 minutes, green beans 10-15.  You have to be careful to get the food soft but not over cook the food.  

Step 2:
Now depending on the food you will need to add a varying degree of water.  I had to add a lot of water to the green beans, but not as much for broccoli or potatoes.  I like to add the juice of another food, like carrot juice.  It is another vitamin boost and will help everything blend.  Blend hot so that it gets smooth.
2013-06-08 21.11.28.jpg Step 3:
Put the food into ice trays, cupcake tray etc.  I like the cupcake tray because it gets a nice portion.  

Step 4:
Pop the food out and store in freezer bags.  Always make sure to label and date your food.  Proper food storage is important.  Use the oldest food first and keep as much air out of the bags as possible.  It will keep everything as fresh as possible.

2013-06-09 12.12.32.jpg

Step 5:
Microwave the food and serve.  Sometimes I have to put a bit of rice cereal to thicken it but, but other times I don't.  
2013-06-09 12.15.43.jpg

Remy loves this food.  We are able to get more great veggies in him because it all tastes better.  This makes me so so excited.  I know he is getting a ton of vitamins, no preservatives  and has a full belly.  Yeah!

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