Monday, March 4, 2013

Money Saving Tools: Olive Oil

You can use Olive Oil for EVERYTHING!!!

Like I have said before, my husband and I are always looking for money saving tools and practices.  One thing we always look for (as I have said before) are things that have multiple purposes and/or can become something else when they are done.  Olive Oil is one of those kinds of products.  

Olive Oil can be used for many different things.  It has great medicinal values and taste.  The traditional use, cooking.  We cook with Olive Oil almost everyday.  It is great in food, to cook food in, and to boil with pasta or rice.  The non traditional uses though are what can really keep this oil out on the kitchen counter.

It all comes down to it’s healing values & non-harsh acidic content.  First, it can heal cuts.  Our puppy Lobo had licked a sore onto his body.  I needed to help it heal, but I needed something non-toxic.  I dabbed Olive Oil on it a couple times a day and it healed his sores quickly.  Additionally, since I breastfeed, I have used it when I had cracked and dry nipples when I was just starting to breastfeed.  That kept me feeling good and there wasn’t anything that was too harsh for Remy if I didn’t clean it well enough.  Finally, with Olive Oil’s healing powers, I have used it on Remy’s head.  He has a little bit of cradle cap so I have rubbed it on his head and it has cleared nicely!

Other uses include eye-makeup remover.  It isn’t harsh on my eyes but works really well.  I don’t break out from it and I get all my make-up off!

This ends up saving you money because you are able to get more bang for your buck and either buy in bulk and/or saving on the fancy eye makeup remover, nipple creams, etc. etc.

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