Friday, January 11, 2013

Baby Delivery...How to Save a Buck!

How to save a buck on delivery.

This goes back to what I posted earlier...plan & save for your pregnancy/delivery.  In order to save some money on the overall costs, it is important to have some cash as leverage.  When you receive your bill, ask your provider if there is a prompt payment discount or payment in full discount.  Legacy Health Centers will give you a 10% discount on your overall bill if you pay in full.  This ended up saving me over $600.  

Keep in mind that I had a c-section so my overall bill was higher.

Check with your provider in advance if there is an opportunity for prompt payment discounts.  There might be some give and take unfortunately.  If you OBGYN doesn’t deliver at a hospital that offers discounts for prompt payment you could either switch providers or just lose the discount opportunity.  Neither of those options are appealing so call the accounting department of the hospital first and foremost and see if you can work out a deal.  

Additionally, keep in mind it pays to ask.  Depending on the integrity of the person you are talking to, they might not offer up the discount unless you ask first so always check!

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