Thursday, January 17, 2013

Breastfeeding Cover DIY

I am not Cheap I swear!!!  

I don’t like to buy things that I feel like I can make on my own.  There are some great breast feeding covers out there.  Target sells some for $20.  Not anything that will break the bank, however I just couldn't pay for it.  It is just a piece of fabric.  So I decided I would either use a blanket or make one on my own.

I had some great fabric laying around (it was actually a moo-moo type dress I had picked up from the Goodwill for maybe $6) so I decided to use it for my breastfeeding cover.

For starters, just cut the fabric it a large rectangle that will cover you body.  Make sure you will be able to have some extra fabric sitting in your lap, and enough to cover your shoulders.  Dimensions will vary as all of our body types will vary.


So you can be fancy & sew the ends or you can be a bit ghetto like me and just use a lighter and burn the loose ends of the fabric.  

Final step, wrap the cloth around your neck as if you were about to cover yourself.  Mark where the fabric will need to connect.  I used bra clips that I had rolling around in my sewing kit.  You could also use a button and some embroidery string to connect the two pieces of fabric.

And that is that!  Very simple, but nice to have something that you can throw into your diaper bag.

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