Saturday, January 19, 2013

Not Looking so Tired

Only sleeping in 2-3 hour stints really takes a toll on your eyes.

With my new sweet love I have found that I do not get a lot of sleep all at once.  I can get sleep, but since it isn’t all at once I never really get into a deep regenerative sleep.  So I have sleepy tired eyes which makes me look a mess.  Here is what I do to combat that!

1.) Correct: I use a color corrector to cancel out the redness under my eyes.  I use Philosophy.  
2.) Conceal: I use a salmon colored concealer in order to brighten up underneath my eyes.
3.) Fresh Face: I use bronzer, blush, or both to brighten up my whole face.  It depends on the overall look I am going for but putting in color to my whole face makes me look less sicky/sad :)
4.) Eyes: Now this is where I take a different direction.  I DON’T use mascara.  Normally I do and wouldn’t leave the house without it but normally I have the energy to take it off at night.  Since I don’t really take it off because I am so tired it get racoon eyes.  In trying to avoid that I have decided to just not where mascara for a while.  In order to make my small eyes look big, I do still put on linear.  I wing it would and make sure it is really dark and it works to make my eyes look big but doesn’t end up making me look more tired.  Second bit on my eyes, I put a white eye linear on my water line.  It cancels out the redness and brightens my eyes.
5.) Finally, to make myself a bit more dressed up I have been putting on a darker lip.  It instantly makes you look dressed up but you really don’t have to do much.  I like the lip stains so when I kiss my little guy I don’t transfer any color onto him.
This all really helps me to look a bit more together.  The more I look together the more together I feel :)

Thanks for reading and let me know if there are any make-up tricks you use to look less tired!

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