Monday, January 14, 2013

Organize, Organize, Organize

The busier we get the harder it is to feel sane.  

I find less time for myself and I only have one baby!!  Well three if you count Lobo the dog and Rudy the husband.  So I have resorted to some old tricks I learned while in college and that I use at work.  These tricks help me manage my life and tasks.

So for starters, every Sunday I sit down and figure out what I have to do for the week.  I have a simple notebook that I write everything down in Monday-Sunday.  Then, each morning I check in with the list of tasks that I have to do and plan out when in the day that I can do them.  Since I have had my baby I realized that your day with a infant is broken into sections of sleep and awake.  During the awake times you really don’t have the ability to do much.  To keep track of how many “sleep” times I have in order to do tasks I have the general times of sleep and awake written out.  This gives me the number of opportunities throughout the day to get stuff done.

At end of the day I check in with what I got done, and what I didn’t.  If I didn’t get a task done I re-assign it to another day.

Wow, writing this all out makes me sound super nerdy, but I swear it works.  I also get a really good feeling every time I cross something off of my list.  Also, it is an awesome feeling when I know that I have completed all days tasks.  But alas, that isn’t generally the case today.

Most importantly, and this took me years and years to learn, don’t stress if you don’t get something done.  The hardest thing to do is to track tasks.  If you have to push something out a day, it isn’t a big deal.  Just keeping it on the list is the victory and is quite a bit more than some folks.

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