Sunday, January 6, 2013

Momma Love

I love being a mom.  Definitely a new mom, but love being a mom.  I am learning so much about how to do things and about myself.  A friend once told me that you don’t know what love is until you have a child and that is exactly how the last four weeks have played out.  The love that I have for my pets, friends, etc has somehow waned now that I have my son.  I know I it is not that I care less for others, it is that I care so much for my son.  Amazing experience.

Some things that I have learned and would recommend to everyone wanting to have a child:

1.) Plan your pregnancy.  Accidents happen and I am not judging those that have gotten pregnant by surprise, however since my husband and I planned this pregnancy there is a lot I feel that we could be prepared for.  We were able to save money in advance for the hospital bill and for wages lost while at home.  Prepped other areas in our life like paying down debt, getting wisdom teeth pulled etc etc.  If you can, prepared for your child in advance.  It took us about 4-6 months to get pregnant once we started to try, but we knew 6 months before that we would want children and started saving then.  That is my recommendation.  Start saving before you start trying to have kids!
2.) Dad’s, stay at home at least two weeks with moms.  My husband has done that and it is an amazing help.  We are always on the same team, but having two people to tackle the chores of the house and take care of the baby really helped me keep my wits about me.
3.) Plan your week out in advance.  Once a week plan your activities through the week.  Don’t keep really busy days, but it is nice to have one for two goals for each day.  Once achieved you feel like you actually did accomplish something and I started to feel like myself again.
4.) Get yourself dressed & ready (at least a little).  I felt much better, and more like my old self, by doing my hair a little bit and putting a little bit of makeup on every day.  I didn’t want to feel lazy and grubby and this really worked for me.

Those are just a couple of the difference maker my family.  Lots and lots of love!!

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