Sunday, January 27, 2013

Happiest Baby on the Block Review

There are a lot of baby books out there.  This is the one that I was able to get something from.

Happiest Baby on the Block has some great tips and is very practical.  It is all about soothing babies and helping them go to sleep and sleep longer.  I don’t have a colicy baby thank goodness.  However I want to get my baby to sleep as long as he possibly can :)

There are great tips and simple principles that are easy to remember when you are in the heat of things.  The main point is that you baby just was in the uterus and now is out in the world.  There is a shock to his system and doing things that mimic the womb (swaddle, swooshing sounds, jiggling) will help sooth your baby.  I think it is great and an easy read.  I would recommend it to all of my preggers.

I love a sleeping baby :)  Way to go Remy 5 weeks old and sleeping 5 hours in a row at night!!  Whahoo!!

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