Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Big Day Out...Lessoned Learn

Wow, first big day out!!

Well we had our first really big day out.  1:30pm-8:00pm  We thought we were prepared.  I had a bunch of diapers, an extra outfit, plenty of wipes, changing pad etc.  However, my husband and I learned we need two of EVERYTHING not just diapers :)  

We just didn't run out of the typical kind of stuff like diapers and wipes.  We had plenty of those.  It was just everything else.  What could have happened, did happen.  Blow-outs, going while we were still changing, spit up galore.  Now we didn’t think that we would be out but a couple hours but we ended up being out 8!  

So this was our lessoned learn.  Bring multiple burp rags, changing pads, soiled diaper bags and most importantly...bring a couple plastic grocery bags.  We needed to pack in a bunch of dirty clothes and changing pad.  Having a couple grocery bags as back-up would have been great.

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