Sunday, March 17, 2013

DIY Travel Changing Pad

Changing diapers on the fly!!

Whenever I have had to change Remy on the fly I have been bummed that he has had to be on a hard surface.  They range in cost from $10 and up.  I just wanted a simple pad though.  Easy to clean, stylish, and comfortable for Remy.  

I have gotten a lot of use out of the crib bedding that I purchased while pregnant.  I used one of those pads and simply wrapped it with a durable fabric that I like.

Sewing machine is still broken (and I haven’t made a good attempt to fix it, boo I know).  So I just cut and wrapped the fabric around the pad and hand sewed it up.  I left the ends opened so I can slip the pad in and out.

Then just folded the ends in like a pillow case.

Then you just need to roll it up and tie it with a ribbon.  Done and done!

I got going on this project before I thought I should share this on my blog!!  So I missed the beginning.  I do think this is pretty self explanatory, but if not I can make another one and take more shots.

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