Sunday, March 24, 2013

DIY: Fabric Update

New an update on the cheap?

I have a great option if your favorite towels, pants, etc need somone freshening up.  I do this with black clothes all the time.  They fade so easily no matter what you do.  So to get black clothes back to black, I simply dye them.  

When I was a kid I did tie-dye all the time.  This inspired me when my favorite black pants turned charcoal.  Today, I am working on some towels that I like.  They are in good condition however they have been faded by thousands of washes as well as bleached here and there because I have piled them up with cleaning rags in the past.


How To:

1.) I dye in the washing machine and the first step is to prepare dye bath. If you use Rit Dye there are instructions inside the box.  Prepare the dye bath.  Fill the washer with enough water for fabrics to move freely.  Dissolve packet into 2 cups of water & then add into dye bath.  Make sure the water in both is hot.

2.) Wet towels in hot water and then add to dye bath.

3.) Set on long wash cycle (make sure the towels are in dye for 30 minutes).

4.) Since this is a dark shade, I am going to wash it with detergent and then through the towels into the dryer.  Done and Done


Now this isn't as though they are new towels, but it definitely extends the life.

Make sure to run your washer empty with a bit of soap when you are all done.

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