Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Product Review: Make-up on the Cheap

Just a couple great make-up products!

I am always looking for cheaper make-up products.  Make-up is so expensive and I always want more.  I am always looking for work arounds!!

I have oily skin so a primer is a must for me.  Monistat Gel is a great substitute for primer and at a fraction of the cost.  It has many of the same ingredients as department store primers and works great!  It is about $8 a tube versus $15 and up!

Also, I have used Wet n Wild before.  Especially when I was a young girl.  It is tremendously hit or miss.  Some of the lip products stink...literally.  Additionally some of the staying power is in the dumps.  However I have been very impressed with their new Fergie line of lipsticks.  I have tried their matte lipsticks before and they were exceptionally drying.  These new Fergie lipsticks are great for a matte lipstick.  Not cakey like some matte colors.  Also...only $8!  You can buy some fun and trendy colors and not feel guilty one bit.

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