Saturday, March 30, 2013

Organization: Breast Milk Storage

How to best store breast milk.

Well, this was a lesson learned for me.  When I started pumping, I froze my milk.  When I started I didn’t think about how much milk I would actually be storing so I didn’t think about efficiency at all.  But, boy does your freezer fill up fast if you don’t take proper care to store breast milk in a tidy fashion.  I just sat the milk in the freezer and could only get about 5 3oz bags in a 6 inch run.

I learned quickly that this wasn’t going to work in the long run.  Our whole freezer would need to be donated to breast milk storage.  So to fix this I did the common sense thing I should have done in the beginning...froze the milk flat.
Kind of a duh moment.  But there could be other sleep deprived new moms out there that might need a little help in this department.  So what I do is lay the milk flat in one particular area of the freezer.  You could even use a tuberware for this, but I just set the milk bag on the shelve laying flat.  I then just wait for it to freeze and then stack it upright like library books.  

I get double the amount of milk into the same space and since the milk is thin, it thaws quicker too.  Yeah for my husband when he makes a bottle!!

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