Saturday, March 30, 2013

DIY: Saving Time on Hair

Saving time is a must!

Finding ways to save time creates a whole world of opportunity for a busy person.  If you can even shave 15 minutes off of you morning routine you can have time for breakfast, one last cup of coffee, time with your family, or some crunches and push ups.  I have always been a morning person and a breakfast person.  I wake early and before I head off to work I need to have breakfast and I don’t like to feel rushed.  That is why I look for ways to sleep as long as I can while still having time in the morning.  I don’t like to get up before 6am if possible (I know I am starting to sound like a pre-madonna) so I want to trim time off of my morning routine.  Now that I have a baby, my morning routine has been rocked.  To get some more time in I have started to shower and wash my hair the night before.  This might be a “duh” moment for everyone else but I never really washed my hair at night before.  This has help greatly.  I have naturally wavy hair and like to style it curly or straight.  Here is what I do for either:

This is the easiest one.  I just put some mousse in my hair and put it into two buns.  Next morning I just wash my bangs.  Dry my bangs and take the moisture out of the rest of my hair.  I then curl the ends.   

Now this one takes a bit more time.  At night I put it up in a top knot.  In the morning I do have to blow it dry, but it takes far less time.  Flat iron and I am out!

Next Day Wavy:
Now this one takes more time.  Up in a bun the night before. Dry shampoo and curl out the frizze.

Next Day Dry:
This is the easy one.  Top knot the night before, dry shampoo in the morning and a flat iron.   

Here is the process and what I look like through it :)

Over the past 2 years I have started to utilize dry shampoo as well.  Again in order to save time in the morning and since you don’t have to wash your hair everyday, I have started using dry shampoo.  This is a time saver and is better for your hair.  I like the TRESemme’ products.  They have one for straight styles and one for curly.  I like them both, but the one for straight hair does work a little bit better.

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