Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Product Review: Baby Stuff

Baby Stuff Product Review!!

I have another baby product review.  There are a couple things that I have been loving and some stuff that I haven’t.  On to the carriers I really like.

I have two different kinds of carriers.   It is nice having two for different purposes.  The Moby Wrap is great.  It isn’t cheap, at about $50 from target, but it is worth it.  
This is the carrier that I go to most of the time.  It is very comfortable and Remy is very secure in the wrap.  The down side is, it is huge.  There is a lot of fabric and it takes up a ton of space in the diaper bag.  Since that is the cause it is awesome we have Infantino Union Baby Carrier.

This is cheaper $30 at target, and works pretty darn good.  I don’t feel like Remy is as comfortable, but he is very secure.  It is also nice that it doesn’t take up too much space when I have to carry it around.

Now on to the disappointment.  The Homedics Sound Spa Lullaby Relaxation Machine has been a disappointment.  
It makes noise which is great.  There is also a good sleep timer option.  What sucks is the projection broke a couple months in.  There is a projection screen that rotates different images.  It worked great in the beginning.  But after some time the motor started to get louder and louder and then finally it just stopped rotating.  It is a bummer because Homedics is a good brand and the fact that the project screen didn’t last totally sucked.

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